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I need to have a case study (project), a BIM-enabled project, to validate the re

I need to have a case study (project), a BIM-enabled project, to validate the results obtained in my research thesis. I need input in one BIM-enabled project in UK or USA from two participants, the scope is in summary as the following:
1. Once the project for the case study is identified which should be in UK or USA, to participants who worked in this projects are required to answer Form 2 (attached); they need to answer only what highlighted in red as this is the part related to BIM projects.
2. In form 2, participants need to answer only the red questions, which are mainly about whether they agree that the delay factors and the success factors influence the BIM case study project and, if yes, which aspects do they think are the most influencing? On each group separately.
3. In form 2, for the implementation factors and the barriers factors, do they agree that these factors affect the relationship between the success and the employer-delay factors? Do they also agree that implementation factors positively impact this relationship positively and will also the barrier factors have negative implications? Also, which element (s) will have the most impact?
4. The four pages required will be into two parts mainly which are: (1) case study or the project description, type, usage, budget of the project, location, original duration, delay duration, main causes of delay (2) findings which shall show what the two participants answered the questions and compare the answers with previous literature or studies.
5. Time frame of the project is required to be identified, you can use the form of time frame attached as a tool to get the data or fill it and include it in the working file.
Note: Form 1 gives you a brief description of the study and the purpose of the study.