You are an Information Technology specialist for a local school. The school prin

You are an Information Technology specialist for a local school. The school principal is planning to create a new website for the school and is seeking information about how students and parents will find this new website on the Internet. He has scheduled a meeting with you in hopes he can fully understand how the Internet works. In preparation for the upcoming meeting, you are tasked with identifying how the Internet works. Instructions Create a New Document. Set the margins to 1.0 for left, 0.5 for right, and .75 for top and bottom. Format the document Footer: Place the page number to the left Choose Different First Page, as the Footer information should not appear on the first page of the document. Format the document Header: Place your MEID to the right. Choose Different First Page, as the Header information should not appear on the first page of the document. Create a Title Page: Insert a Catchy Title into the document, chose the Title. Add your Name under the title, and format your name as the Subtitle. Add Section Number of the course under your name, and format as Subtitle. Add the current date under the Section Number. Format the date to Subtle Emphasis. Modify the Style: Modify the Title Style to font Poor Richard, size 30, Underlined, center, choose a color. Modify the Subtitle to font Georgia, size 12, center, choose a different color that blends nicely with the title. Modify the Subtle Emphasis as Georgia, size 12, center, italic, choose a different color that blends nicely with the title and subtitle. Center the Title Page information vertically and horizontally within the document. Insert a Page break. Insert a Table of Contents: Chose an automatic table of your choice. Insert a Page Break. Create a Report: Include 5-7 content specific paragraphs that outline how the Internet works. Include communication processes and protocols as well as possible hardware or software that may be required to facilitate the digital communication. Format the heading of each topic paragraph to link in the table of contents. Use the Normal Font Style for the paragraph. Format the Normal Font Style to: Georgia, size 12 Increase the indent of the paragraph Set to Justify Adjust the line spacing to 1.5 and Add a space after each paragraph. Be sure to include at least one or more citations using the APA Citations tool. Insert a Page Break. Create a Summary: Title the heading “Summary”. List 5-7 items that you learned in this course under the summary. Place the items in order of importance to you. Choose a Numbering format for your list. Create a Table: Under the Summary List, insert a table with 3 columns and enough rows to include each of your summary items. Modify the table to a Grid Table 5 color of your choice. Title the first column first row as “Importance”: Decrease the width of the first column to fit the title. Title the second column first row as “Skill I learned”: Adjust the width of the second column to fit the text. Note: This column should be a single word or short phrases. Title the third column, first row “How I will use this skill”: Complete the table adding your summary items: Be sure to be detailed with your reasoning on how you will use the skills you learned in the future. It is OK for the text to wrap in the table. Highlight in yellow the skill that was the most difficult for you. Create a Reference Page: Using the APA bibliography tool include one or more references to support the information provided in your report. Choose a Design Theme that represents you professionally. You may alter the colors as needed to create the look you want. Update the Table of Contents to include all headings in the document. Check the document for any spelling or grammatical errors. Save your file as “HomeNetwork_MEID.docx”: Note: Replace MEID with your actual MEID. MEID:MAN2128288 School section number: CIS105 Name: Manuel F Gonzalez When you get to “Importance,” “Skills I learned,” and “How I will use this skill.” It will pertain to me learning how to use Microsoft word and PowerPoint for my future career in information technology, specifically in security. It does not have to be in such detail.