Case Study

The project is a strategic analysis case based on one of the eight following com

The project is a strategic analysis case based on one of the eight following companies. These are mid-size companies, and their products are rather focused: o Centene Corp CNC Healthcare o Newell Brands NWL Consumer goods o Ulta Beauty ULTA Beauty retail o Fastenal Co. FAST Construction materials o Zoetis Inc ZTS Animal pharmacy o Generac GNRC Generators o Diamondback FANG Energy E&P o Darden DRI Restaurants Seven topics cover key strategic areas that would be common to all types of businesses. Suggestions are recommended for each topic, but you probably do not have space in your paper to do all of these (perhaps 2 for each topic). A. External Assessment (chapter 3). What is the nature of competition within the industry in which the firm is competing? Suggestions: PESTEL, 5 forces, EFE, CPM, I/0 or RBV. B. Internal Assessment (chapter 4). What are the capabilities of your firm which make it competitive in the industry/market? Suggestions: management, marketing, financial ratios (must have). C. Strategies used (chapter 5) What are the long term objectives, describe the basic strategies used, generic strategy, first mover. D. Analysis (chapter 6). Analyze the company’s strategy and include 2 of these: expanded SWOT matrix, BCG matrix, IE matrix, or GSM. E. Implementation (chapter 7). Type of organization structure, recent change/restructure, marketing issues. F. Finance/accounting (chapter 8). Suggestions: valuation of firm, financial health. Keep it short. G. Governance (chapter 9-10). What are recent challenges and successes for the board of directors? How does it approach ESG – CSR. ethics, environment sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. Additional parts 1. Include a cover page listing: title of paper, group ID, student writing the paper, course name, date submitted. 2. Brief introduction paragraph describing the company and the purpose of the paper. Maximum 3 sentences. 3. Reference section at end of paper. Include your sources of information. Formatting and Completion There is no specific minimum length to the paper, but historically, commonly run at around 8 pages (not including cover or reference). • Use Microsoft Word • Please use font size 11 or 12 preferably Calibri or Times Roman • Use single space, not double, with normal margins. • Use APA style, citations where needed • Include headings for each topic or section.